New Long Necked Stegosaur Miragaia longicollum

Not Triassic but still really cool. This is a new advance paper in Proceedings of the Royal Society B on a new long necked stegosaur from the Late Jurassic of Portugal. Appropriately named Miragaia longicollum it has at least 17 cerival vertebrate due to "cervicalization" of the dorsal column. Very cool. Even cooler is that it is available for free from the Royal Society website. The photo below is from here.


Mateus, O., Maidment, S.C.R., and N.A. Christiansen. 2009. A new long-necked ‘sauropod-mimic’ stegosaur and the evolution of the plated dinosaurs. Proceedings of the Royal Society B, Published online on February 25, 2009. DOI 10.1098/rspb.2008.1909.


  1. I think Adam Yates has made some very good points over at Dracovenator about the possibility that this is Dacentrurus. Still a very cool discovery.

  2. Yes a great post (as always) by Adam. I mention it briefly in my latest post.

  3. For some reason, the trunk just seems too abbreviated.


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