Blogroll Updates and Thanks

Several regular readers have confessed to me that they often access my blog to check out my blogroll, which makes it easy to scroll down and view the topics of recent posts from a variety of blogs. I try to add new links regularly, especially to pages that I find myself travelling to often although I sometimes do not post on these additions. Anyhow, I have recently added a few new blog links as well as links to other pages of interest including Triassic researcher pages (Randy, please let me know when you move your CV page to your new institution) and National Park related sites (hey...I work in a national park). Anyhow, my readership has increased quite a bit since last August when I started the site and I'd like to thank everyone who drops by, especially my regulars. Please feel free to drop me a line or comment if there are other aspects of Triassic paleo and geology you would like to see covered in the future or if there are any links that I should add. Thanks again.


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