Another One!

I promise that I will write a real post soon, but here is another new Triassic temnospondyl paper! We just cannot seem to get enough temnospondyl papers these days...

Maganuco, S., and G. Pasini. 2009. A new specimen of trematosaurian temnospondyl from the Lower Triassic of NW Madagascar, with remarks on palatal anatomy and taxonomic affinities. Atti della Societtaliana di scienze naturali e del Museo civico di storia naturale di Milano 150:91-112.
Abstract - A new partial skull (preserved as a natural mould) of a trematosaurid temnospondyl from the Lower Triassic of the Ankitokazo Basin, Diégo Suarez Province, NW Madagascar, is described. It provides new information on the palatal anatomy, poorly known in the Malagasy trematosaurids, the more important concerning the morphology of the cultriform process, which is squared in cross section and comparatively wide. The new specimen represents a taxon well distinct from both Malagasy lonchorhynchine trematosaurid Wantzosaurus elongatus and other trematosaurid genera known out of Madagascar. The taxonomic and phylogenetic affi nities found between the new skull and all the Malagasy non-lonchorhynchine specimens so far described suggest that the material may belong to a single species, closely related to the German species Trematolestes hagdorni, and more similar to Tertrema acuta than to Trematosaurus brauni. The new skull is therefore tentatively referred to cf. Tertremoides madagascariensis, the only non-lonchorhynchine trematosaurid species from Madagascar that we regard as valid, following the systematic review by Schoch & Milner (2000).

This paper also cites an in press publication....

Maganuco S., Steyer J. S., Pasini G., Boulay M., Lorrain S., Bénéteau A. & Auditore M., in press – An exquisite specimen of Edingerella madagascariensis (Temnospondyli) from the Lower Triassic of NW Madagascar; cranial anatomy, phylogeny and restorations. Memorie della Società Italiana di Scienze Naturali e del Museo Civico di Storia Naturale di Milano.

Both of these papers are from Simone Maganuco's PhD dissertation.

Reconstruction is Trematosaurus from Wikipedia commons.


  1. Is "longorhynchine" a synonym for the more common "longirostrine"?

  2. Allen: nope, it's lonchorhynchine, and it's used because there's a trematosaur group called Lonchorhynchinae.


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