SVP abstract book embargo

The Society of Vertebrate Paleontology has posted a downloadable version of the abstract volume for the annual meeting in Cleveland at their website. The volume contains quite a few important abstracts on Late Triassic research; however, it is only downloadable by members and the SVP has noted that all abstracts are "embargoed until the day and time of their individual presentation". Of course I'm taking this to mean that online discussion of the contents of various abstracts is a no-no. This is of interest because as far as I am aware the SVP has never before made such a request. I am assuming that I will be receiving my print copy of the abstract volume within a few days and thus the abstracts will be in published form before the meeting (yet still embargoed?). Unfortunately no clarification was given by the SVP regarding this. Of course I will honor this request although my next planned post (within a few days) will discuss the implications of an abstract from an earlier meeting this year; however, some of the information duplicates an abstract by the same authors for the upcoming SVP meeting.

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  1. I printed out the abstract list and highlighted the talks I'm interested in. There was nothing mind-blowing in there, which was a disappointment. I wanted to blog about the things I was excited to see, but the embargo is also disappointing.



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