New Look and Upcoming News

There were some comments made on the vrtpaleo list that the white on black screen was hard on the eyes so I'm trying what is hopefully a more gentle mix.

In Triassic news there is a new article coming out today (Thursday 9/11) in Science. More on this later after the embargo is lifted.


  1. This color scheme is easy to read. If you ever want something "different" you can alter the pages or add a premade template. Here are some sites I go to:

    Excited to hear about the paper. Keep up the great work!

  2. Oh man, it's too bad you changed schemes. I thought white on black was super easy to read.

  3. Yep, sure is some interesting news coming...

  4. I really liked the white on black scheme too. I probably won't stick with the tan for long.

  5. I also liked the previous color scheme. If people find white on black a bit too stark, make the text a very pale yellow. It still looks good, and softens up the contrast just a bit.


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