Chinle Formation "Bible" Still Available From the USGS

Many papers have been written on the stratigraphy of the Chinle Formation; however, the 1972 USGS professional paper by John Stewart and colleagues still ranks as the best overview of the formation and is crucial for any detailed study of the unit. This is especially true for the basic straigraphic nomenclature, unit descriptions, and key correlations across the Colorado Plateau region.

Bound paper copies of this important work are available for only $12.50 USD from the USGS store. What a great price for a 690 page document complete with maps, fence diagrams, and other fold out plates.
The photo is of the Upper Triassic Chinle Formation capping dark brown cliffs of Middle Triassic Moenkopi Formation in Capitol Reef National Park and is courtesy of the USGS.


Stewart, J.H., Poole, F.G. and Wilson, R.F. 1972. Stratigraphy and origin of the Chinle Formation and related Upper Triassic strata in the Colorado Plateau region: U.S. Geological Survey Professional Paper, 690, 336 p.

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