SVP Meeting and Mystery Fossil #2

I am off to attend the annual meeting of the Society of Vertebrate Paleontology in Cleveland. There are lots of interesting abstracts (especially Triassic) and I am hoping it will be a very good meeting.

Because I will not be posting for over a week I've included another mystery fossil for anyone still checking these pages. I'll give you a couple of hints, you are looking the element in distal (ventral) view, the specimen is an archosaurian bone from the Chinle Formation, the specimen is part of the holotype of an animal whose generic name roughly translate as "ghost reptile", and another clue can be found by reading over the comments from Triassic Mystery Fossil #1.


  1. Surely that's the astragalus of Chindesaurus?
    Apologies if I'm spoiling your game

  2. If it's distal AND ventral, it's a limb element. Adam seems therefore correct in positing an astragalus. I didn't know Chinde was a translation for "ghost".


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