Late Triassic Mystery Fossil #1

One of the key skills needed to work on Late Triassic fossils is the ability to readily identify fragmentary specimens (because that is all that you usually get!). I've seen this on a few other blogs and have found it entertaining, so from time to time I will present a mystery fossil specimen from the Late Triassic for reader identification. I'll start with a fairly easy one. I would ask some of my colleagues who specialize in the Late Triassic and read this blog to please refrain from providing an ID immediately ;).


  1. Yup. That was my first instinct, too. But aside from that, I've got nothin'.

  2. It's clearly Chunkosseum indistinctus.

    Seriously? I'm not sure ... I'm going for some ankle bone of an archosaur.

  3. Maybe phytosaur squamosal?

  4. After about four and a half years someone finally guessed right. This is a left squamosal of a pseudopalatine phytosaur.


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