How I May Be In advertantly Warping My Student Interns Minds....

Here is a picture of the last two pages in 2011 summer paleo intern Susan Drymala's field notebook.

I know I told her she should take good notes, but I didn't know she was writing EVERYTHING down ;).


  1. The Captain Kirk Method of getting a job is priceless. As are laws 3,5 and 8.

  2. Could you please make the image a bit smaller? Only I can make out one or two of the words in this scan.

  3. It should be more visible now.

  4. BTW...the one 'life lesson' should read "you should always keep it in the back of your mind that you MIGHT be full of s**t".

  5. Much better, thanks! Good stuff, and worthy of transcription.

  6. Susan'll do that... On her old (now disabled) U Maryland site she had a "I'm Tom Holtz, Bitches" webpage full of quotes she heard in my lectures.


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