Chinleana is Moving to the Field of Science Blog Network

Regular readers have probably noticed some changes. Starting today the blog will be part of the Field of Science science blog network. The switch has started and will continue over the next day or two. As a result some aspects may not be accessible and I apologize for any inconvenience and hope to continue to access the site for all of your Triassic Period news and information..

Thank you.

Bill Parker


  1. Congratulations Bill on the step up! I see the feed already redirects, which is aweswome!

    Good luck at your new digs.


  2. More good luck wishes for you in your new digs. [From a long time lurker]. Glad to see that the blog roll remains intact. That is one reason that Chileana will always be bookmarked in my browsers. Makes this place a sort of one-stop-shop.

    Also good to see the same colorful logo photo, even bigger.

    One little thing though. Having viewed the place a couple times now, I have so to say that the earthy-toned background color of your old site was a bit easier on the eyes.

    All the best.

  3. Oh my. That was fast. Thanks.

  4. Thanks everyone. There will probably be some cosmetic changes in the near future.

  5. Bill,

    The day you switched over, the web site was inaccessible, except for the message that one had to be "invited" to view it. Now you mention that some aspects of the relocated blog "may be inaccessible". Could you post a means for your readers to be invited to see all the contents of your blog? Thanks.

  6. Jerrold,

    I believe the brief shut-down was due to an inadvertantly clicked administrative link.

    As far as I know everything is accessible and will continue to be. Thanks for your patience.


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