Early Triassic Age for the Base of the Timezgadiwine Formation of Morocco

Tourania, A., Benaouissa, N.,Gand, G., Bourquinc, S., Jalil, N.-E., Broutind,J., Battail, B., Germaine, D., Khaldounea, F., Soumaya, S., Steyere,  J. S., and R. . 2010. Evidence of an Early Triassic age (Olenekian) in Argana Basin (High Atlas, Morocco)based on new chirotherioidtraces. Comptes Rendus Palevol, early online. 

Abstract - New chirotherioid traces (Synaptichnium, Chirotherium, Brachychirotherium, Isochirotherium), are described in the Argana Basin (High Atlas of Morocco). Seeing that these ichnotaxa are frequent in the Triassic, their occurrence in outcrops formerly mapped as Permian (T2Member) has required detailed sedimentological and paleontological studies of the fossiliferous site.These studies clearly show that theichnite-bearing strata belong actually to the T3 Member of the “regional Triassic”, i.e. lower member of the Timezgadiwine Formation, the age of which was, in fact, unknown up to now.The description of these ichnospecies and their statistical comparison with those of other Early and Middle Triassic areas, suggestan Olenekian age for this footprint site, and consequently for the T3. The trackmakers were Archosauriformes, some of which had autopodia less evolved than those of Anisian age. With Lepidosauria,they lived in a flood plain close to alluvial-fans.

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