Another Article on the New Prestosuchus find from Brazil

Here is another news article on the absolutely beautiful partial articulated Prestosuchus specimen from Brazil.  The skull looks complete and relatively undistorted, the cervical series appears to be present and in articulation, the scapulocoracoid is fused and absolutely huge, and there also appears to be a fused clavicle and interclavicle pretty much in place.  A forelimb lies under the skull and ribs and other limb bones are at the back of the jacket.  Phenomenal!

I do have to shake my head though at how the name "thecodont" made into an article published in 2010!

The photos below are from this article and here.


  1. That thing has a HUGE head. And look at those teeth! It must've been the T.rex of its day.

  2. Kischlat (2002) phylogenetically defined Thecodontia as (Protorosaurus speneri + Thecodontosaurus diagnosticus), which Prestosuchus does belong in. Hey, if you can do it to Pseudosuchia... ;)


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