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I am well aware that many of the hits I get to this site are to access my blogroll, so I try to update it somewhat regularly to add sites that my readers (or myself) seem to be interested in. Just today I've added two more that I think may be of interest to at least some of you.

Crurotarsi: the Forgotten Archosaurs

Tom Holtz first mentioned and gave us the following update on this site on his Facebook page, that this new blog (2 posts old at this writing) is by "a former undergrad of mine, Susan Drymala, who hopes to eventually go on to grad school working on crurotarsans/pseudosuchians. She figured starting a blog about them would be a good way to learn."

I'm personally grateful to Tom for slipping the term Pseudosuchia in there.

Another new blogroll item is what I think is the funniest blog I've ever read:

Hyperbole and a Half

This site pretty much contains the hilarious random musings and artwork of Allie Brosh who started up this blog last summer because "I was procrastinating on studying for a physics final and I was like "I know what would be a good idea! I'm going to start a blog!" So I started a blog."  She already has over 2000 followers and two million hits!  I'll warn you, her site is very funny and very addictive. She does occasionally cover dinosaurs....

Finally, as some may be aware I have my own Civil War History blog on the History of the 1st Connecticut Voluteer Regiment, a unit that is poorly documented and that I have been accumulating information on for more than two decades.
Three Month Men

I try to post something new every two weeks and you could just click on it to get my hits up, but I hope anyone who is a U.S. History buff may find it of interest. I don't cover dinosaurs there...

Go ahead and check these all out.

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