This is an interesting site, includes a blog and also various forums ranging from everything such as wildlife conservation to pet care and grooming. Recently I was asked some questions regarding my work and blog for a blog post on this site. You can read my cheesy answers here. I also see that Matt Wedel (Ask Dr. Vector and SVPOW) also has an interview here. Brian Switek (Laelaps) also appears to be a regular contributor. Check it out.

Thanks to Ava for the invite.


  1. Off-topic, but do you know when the description of Nesbitt's new basal theropod will appear? The news releases are already out and they say it was supposed to be published today, but as far as I can tell, it hasn't appeared yet in Science.

  2. I've seen one site which has violated the embargo emplaced by Science. The embargo lifts at 2 pm ET. I will have something posted at that time so check back.


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