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Back at the beginning of the year I had this post on my American Civil War interests. Much of this stems from the letters and diary I have from an ancestor who fought in the war. I've been researching these letters and his regiment for almost 20 years now in hopes of someday putting it in book form. I've realized that this is not going to happen anytime soon, so what I have decided to do in the meantime is put portions of this research in blog form to share with other enthusiasts.

So I am happy to announce the launch of a new blog titled "three month men" which essentially is a study of the First Connecticut Volunteer Regiment in the American Civil War, chiefly through the words of one of the participants. What will be presented is my ancestor's role in the American Civil War, portraying events from the end of 1860 through the days after the First Battle of Bull Run in April of 1861. I will present excerpts from his diary and letters and the posts will be ordered chronologically and cover a day or two of time. Thus I hope that people will be interested in following his story as the blog progresses. Furthermore, I hope to provide information on a poorly known military unit. As this will truly be a side project I hope to post new material once a week or biweekly. If any of my Triassic readers have a soft spot for American history, in particular the Civil War, I welcome you to follow along. I hope that you will find it of interest.


  1. I'm not american, anyway I love history, so... come on, post it! I'm curious to read! :)


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