We're Off to the Hayden Quarry

Every year I treat my student interns to a weekend working somewhere else in the Chinle Formation with groups from other institutions. For example in 2002 we worked with Sterling Nesbitt in the Moenkopi Formation excavating an excellent skeleton of Arizonasaurus and in 2003 we joined the Yale Peabody Museum crew in Escalante National Monument in Utah and helped with their Poposaurus excavation (also see this link). I feel that it is important to give my students the opportunity to network with other researchers and to see how others work and collect data. This weekend we are headed out to Ghost Ranch, New Mexico to work in the Hayden Quarry (the type locality of Dromomeron romeri and location of a portion of the Dinosaurs Alive IMAX film) with Sterling Nesbitt, Randy Irmis, and others. This is our third summer there and it is always a great experience.

Photos are from past seasons and were lifted from here and here.

Alan Turner preparing his afternoon siesta spot.

Amazing views from the quarry.

Another photo that proves that from the quarry you really can see scenes like the last one.

A bone that I wish that I had found instead of my usual scrap.

Randy protecting his lunch from other ravenous quarry workers.

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