The "Hand of God" Rock Wall

OK....I don't normally post on this kind of stuff, but this just struck me as bizarre for a number of reasons. Check out this story on a man in northern Idaho who is auctioning off the "movie and literary rights" to a newly exposed section (9 feet by 4 feet) of an igneous rock cliff face that he claims is the "hand of God". In addition you get the rights to the historical context and personal story of the landowner. Amazingly according to the CNN story someone has already bid $250 for these rights on Ebay (I just checked it and it is now up to $1050 after 32 bids).

I guess even if you thought is resembles a hand it would be the hand of someone with polydactylism as I'm counting five "fingers" and a "thumb".

Interestingly the Bible does mention someone with this condition, however it is not God, but rather the son of the giant Goliath (of David and Goliath) (thanks to Wikipedia for this).

2 Samuel 21:20
And there was yet a battle in Gath, where was a man of great stature, that had on every hand six fingers, and on every foot six toes, four and twenty in number; and he also was born to the giant..

Here is the real kicker....the winning bidder also gets the "exclusive rights to dismantle the wall and take the Hand for reassembly anywhere in the world or space; shipping not included." Check out the section on says "pickup only". Could you imagine shipping a cliffside with Fed Ex?

Note that the auction also states that "the property must be restored, buyer is responsible for all damages to property and/or structures. All city, county, state or federal permits, easements and/or fees are the complete responsibility of the buyer."

How on earth is a buyer going to dismantle and transport a partially collapsed cliffside of jointed igneous rock? Of course when it crumbles the buyer is responsible for the damage and must then restore it!

I think that I better things to do with a thousand bucks.


  1. It's up to nearly $2000 now. There's a sucker born every minute.

  2. $3500 with 7 days left to go. I still don't get it. IMHO it doesn't even look like a hand.

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  4. I think everyone out to take a real close look at the pictures in his listing I noticed in one pic there are 10 images on the bottom page the top right side picture if you look closely to that picture you will notice right side bottom corner there is a wheel barrow or bin with I think it may be tools What would that be doing there?DONT EMAIL HIM HE WILL PROBABLY REMOVE IT LET OTHER PEOPLE SEE IT Anyway he says in an interview its not about him but then he also says he is wanting 100.000.00 Well in my opinion it looks like he is contradicting himself Let me know what you think He first said he was selling all rights then he changed it and said no movie rights or literary What did he not initially claim to sell all rights? I hope the winning bidder gets all rights

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