Postosuchus v.2.0 by Jeff Martz

I think this is one of the most amazing reconstructions he has done and is completely revamped from his previous version. Look at the details! I won't comment about the stance for once.

Jeff, when are the posters and T-shirts coming out?


  1. After I get the portraits, block diagrams, and a nice colored strat section finished. Then I will make a poster which is tight, and also sweet.

  2. People will weep and dead babies will come back to life. Pot will be legalized and and family pets will start shitting ice cream. It will be AWESOME.

  3. I may do Chinle plants too. That would be nice.

  4. I am researching images for a dinosaur book being published by Scholastic. Can you please e-mail me a comp image of your Phytosaur for consideration ASAP at:

    many thanks,
    Cynthia Carris
    Photo Editor


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