Dental Microwear of the Late Triassic Dinosauriform Silesaurus opolensis

Kubo, T., and M. O. Kubo. 2013. Dental microwear of a Late Triassic dinosauriform, Silesaurus opolensis. Acta Palaeontologica Polonica (in press).

Abstract - Silesaurus opolensis belongs to Silesauridae, the closest sister group
to dinosaurs. The present study analyzed the dental  microwear patterns of Silesaurus opolensis. Low pit-to-scratch ratios imply they did not feed on hard objects. Unimodal distributions of both wear-facet and non-facet scratch orientations indicate simple orthal jaw movement. Scratch orientation and density differ between microscopic regions in Silesaurus, and unlike hadrosaurid dinosaurs, the microwear patterns of small areas are not identical to those of whole teeth.

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