Numerous Triassic Presentation Abstracts from the Fourth Latinamerican Congress of Vertebrate Paleontology

A new issue of the South American journal Ameghiniana includes (starting on page 32) the set of published abstracts from the IV Congreso Latinamericano  de Paleontologia Vertebrados, which was held in San Juan Argentina in September of 2011.  There are numerous Triassic themed abstracts in here as there were sessions of basal archosaurs, early theropods, therapsids, as well as geological sessions. I gave two talks at the meeting, one on newly discovered cranial material of Poposaurus gracilis; the other on the stratigraphic position of the Placerias Quarry of Arizona, which contains the earliest known neotheropod dinosaur. A volume is currently in press containing many of the papers from the basl archosaurs session.

You can download the published abstract volume here:

Once the page loads, click on the small text "PDF" in the lower right corner.

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