Paleoerrata = House of Bones + Flying Blind

As mentioned elsewhere my good friend and colleague (in Chinle stratigraphy and all things aetosaur) and paleoartist Dr. Jeffrey Martz has retired his blog Paleoerrata. However, in a sense this is not really a retirement as much as an evolution because his is now posting on two other blogs, House of Bones, which will deal with the science information themed posts and Flying Blind, which will deal with his interest in the evolution vs. creationism debate.  I urge everyone to update their blogrolls and check these two sites out.

Regarding his Triassic artwork, Jeff has always graciously let me post his new works here and has even chewed me out when they do not appear in  a timely manner. I will have a post up on his newest piece in a bit. In the meantime check out his two new sites.

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