Two New Biology/Paleontology Blogs

By some strange cosmic cooincidence both the Witmer Lab and the Holliday Lab launched new blogs at nearly the same microsecond.  Check them out.

I see that Paleo Errata, but not Chinleana, made the Blogroll at Pick & Scapel, Guess I need to make my posts a little more do you say it? Martzified? ;)


  1. Sorry for not getting your blog up on blogroll at launch, Bill. No slight intended. We're just getting started here. :) Problem rectified. Thanks or the heads up.

    And the simultaneous launch of Pick & Scalpel and Casey's blog was indeed a total coincidence.

  2. Larry,

    Thanks for adding Chineana to your blogroll. I did not perceive any slight by its non-inclusion and didn't mean for you to think that I did with my recent post. Jeff Martz and I have a friendly rivalry at times regarding our blogs.


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