More Triassic Thoughts -- Typothorax and Coelophysis

There are quite a few Triassic themed posts out there right now, most of them dealing with recent publications by staff from the New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science and Appalachian State University.

Dinosaur Tracking - Articulated skeletons give a new look at "armodillodiles".

Brian Switek provides a brief overview of the new Typothorax paper from the most recent Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology.

The Hairy Museum of Natural History - A new look for Typothorax

Matt Celeskey's post provided the original announcement and a really cool reconstruction.

Paleo Errata - The JVP Typothorax paper - Jeff is still best

Jeff Martz provides a more detailed analysis as only he can.

The Theropod Database - Rinehart et al's (2009) Coelophysis monograph - a review

Finally, Mickey Mortimer provides a review of the recent Coelophysis monograph by the same workers, which sounds eerily similar to something else I've read recently.

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