Headline of the Year!

OK... I know that it is only the beginning of January, but how is it even remotely possible that another news headline as great as this will appear in the next 11.75 months?

"Cold Iguanas Free-Fall From Trees"

There is a severe cold spell through much of the United States right now including typically warm Florida obviously it is having an effect. You can read about it here and there is even a video!


  1. Well, I can basically guarantee that such a headline will appear almost exactly 12.0 months from now:



    But won't somebody please think of the PYTHONS!!

  2. Oh, nice catch!

    See, the Mayans new that civilization as we know it would end in 2012 because we will finally be buried in frigid iguanids.

  3. Wow, an annual event. Where can I get a ticket?

  4. Since when were iguanas native to Florida?


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