These Guys Might Be Crazy

...or maybe not.... or maybe so.

Nonetheless I've got to give Matt Wedel, Mike Taylor, and Andy Farke kudos for a very interesting, definitely novel, and potentially insane idea. They appear to be looking for (apparently thousands of) potential co-authors in a new project to build a large database of measurements for ornithischian dinosaur bones to attempt to solve a variety of research questions. This database will be open access and available to all researchers providing measurement data for potentially every known ornithischian dinosaur bone. Amazing...or maybe foolish. Is this a pipe dream or absolute brilliance that will revolutionize the field of vertebrate paleontology? It's too early to say and the only way to find out for sure is to get involved. Too bad there aren't any Triassic ornithischians in North America, guess I'm out ;).

You can read all about this and get started here, here, here, and read some commentary here.


  1. A large part of the project is aggregating data from the literature, so you are most certainly *NOT* out, if you so choose.

  2. Yes, we are always looking for more contributors! Heck, we'll even take measurements for Jurassic ornithischian bones. . .


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