This Year's SVP Meeting is Going to be a Triassic-fest

Wow! The Society of Vertebrate Paleontology made the abstract book for their annual meeting available on-line today to members and registrants. I spent a bit of time glancing through the hundreds of abstracts and could not help but notice the large number of Triassic-themed talks. Of course it helps that there will be a Triassic themed symposium this year (Late Triassic Terrestrial Biotas and the Rise of Dinosaurs); however, not counting the 15 presentations associated with this event I counted no less than 48 ADDITIONAL presentations on Triassic fossils. Read again....more than 60 Triassic-themed presentations. The coverage ranges from fish and amphibians to marine reptiles and therapsids; however, there are numerous presentations on archosauromorph groups including pseudosuchians and early dinosaurs.

Unfortunately I cannot give details of the presentations here (there is an embargo until the meeting); however, I'm glad that I am attending this year (Bristol, UK) because it is going to be an absolute blast to attend the majority of these presentations and to chat with all of my Triassic (and other) colleagues.


  1. Several of the conference fieldtrips also have a strong Triassic theme: one takes in the Middle Triassic Otter Sandstone; another the classic sites at Elgin; the section at Watchet; and the fissure fills outside Bristol.

  2. It'll be great to meet you, sir!

    I'm excited about the surprising number of talks regarding little Silesaurus (hope I didn't break the embargo just now).

  3. It is almost as though the Late Triassic has somehow become a more friendly and welcoming place to work.

  4. I'm really regretting not signing up for any of the trips, especially the Elgin trip, but I simply don't have the time or the cash.


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