New Look

Well I've decided to rearrange things a bit on the ole blog. I've added new blog links, moved around and retitled some blog sections, and added a photo to my header. I also removed the very cumbersome 'labels' list.

The photo is of what is one of the least studied units of the Chinle Formation, the Mesa Redondo Member. Restricted to the Little Colorado Valley of eastern Arizona, the Mesa Redondo was named and described by 'Spade' Cooley (probably the hippest name for a geologist ever!) in 1958. It occurs between the Shinarump and Blue Mesa Members and is probably laterally equivalent to (but lithologically distinct from) the Bluewater Creek, Monitor Butte, and Cameron Members. Very little is known about the Mesa Redondo as it has never been studied nor have any fossils been recovered from it. Nonetheless, it has become one of my favorite members as the type area is just awesomely scenic and the lithology of the member is so different from the rest of the Chinle Formation.


Cooley, M.E. 1958. The Mesa Redondo member of the Chinle Formation, Apache and Navajo Counties, Arizona. Plateau 31:7-15.


  1. Perhaps I should comment more regularly on other matters, but your the color of your header clashes with the background image.

  2. Looks great and thanks for the link!

  3. It's better than before, definitely.


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