New Paleontology Blog - Paleo Errata

I'd like to point out a new blog written by one of my colleagues, Dr. Jeff Martz, called Paleo Errata and found here:

I agree with Jeff that blogs are an excellent way to communicate and share ideas on a variety of topics, especially geology and paleontology. Like Jeff, I wholly support the sharing of information and open communication between researchers and hope that some day we all can do so freely without the fear of being betrayed. Developing professional relationships with colleagues including the sharing of unpublished information not only makes science fun, it is integral to doing good science. So much is going on "behind the scenes" and "in progress" that not being privy to such information inhibits our ability to formulate and test up to date hypotheses. Of course this involves a fair amount of trust that must be earned as well as given. There is plenty of material for everyone to work on and/or collaborate on without needing to rip each other off.

Jeff has offered to provide his unpublished ideas on various subjects on his blog and I would like to do the same from time to time here as well. Let's make an effort to open things up.

I just need everyone to promise not to...... ;)

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